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It's a Bouncing Baby eZine

After procrastinating for far too long, I finally launched my weekly eZine TAO::The Artist's Oasis this week.

But, was procrastination really the problem? Or was it a fear of putting myself out there and being seen in a bigger way?

And, we have a winner. It was fear. A fear I told myself I was going to overcome in 2014 no matter how uncomfortable it made me. So on Tuesday I hit "send" and instantly felt lighter. I didn't realize until that moment how much that eZine had been weighing me down. I've set some big goals for Dakini Dreams and Gypsy Wolf Marketing this year so I'm facing my fears and leaping knowing the net will appear.

I don't want TAO::The Artist's Oasis to be just another eZine though so it will evolve to meet my audience's needs and as I find my groove. I want it to be a useful resource for artists so in future issues you'll find

  • Daily practices to keep you on track with your artistic intentions
  • Tips for breaking through creative blocks
  • Practical and simple ways to eliminate those obstacles that keep you from achieving success
  • Marketing strategies and techniques
  • Artist spotlights and interviews
  • Relevant news from the international art world
  • Opportunities for artists including classes and workshops, shows, and artist residencies

If you want to join me for the journey, click here for Volume 1 Issue 1 and to subscribe.

2014 is going to be an amazing year!


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