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Everything In Its Own Time

Timing is a funny thing. Someone who I originally met two years ago recently came back into my life. When we met in 2011, we just didn't seem to make a connection for some reason. Maybe because there were lessons I still needed to learn in the interim. But this time he feels a bit like a gift from the Universe. It's far too soon to say how things will ultimately work out between us but at the very least I've made an amazing new friend. An old soul, he's intelligent, wickedly funny, kind, gentle, compassionate, and very, very secure in who he is and what he wants which means he can accept me for who I am without feeling threatened. Or feeling the need to try and change me. Because we all know how well that would work out.

One of the things I came to realize over the past few months is that I've had a pattern my entire life of getting involved with men who were in transitional phases of their lives. I say this not to blame the men I've been involved with because I've been blessed with some amazing relationships. And I cherish the friendships we've maintained after the relationship ended. But it's simply a recognition of something in my life that I needed to release and change in order to move forward. Maybe men in transition were my way of maintaining my power and independence. Whatever the reason, I've been very careful not to repeat that pattern again.

In other news, I'm continuing to explore the new opportunities coming into my life right now, both personally and professionally. I'm off to Atlanta the first week of June for Uplevel Your Business LIVE! and I'm using that time to finalize and launch the two projects I've been working on since the beginning of the year. I'm fully committed to my meditation and yoga practice and I'm starting to really explore the spiritual aspects in addition to the physicial aspects of yoga.

And, it's time to start preparing to volunteer at this year's Santa Fe International Folk Art Market. Once again this year I'll be volunteering in the Artists' Training program as well as helping out with setting up booths on Friday before the Market opens. As everyone knows, the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market is something I'm extremely passionate about and there is an absolutely amazing roster of artsts coming to this year's market. I'm especially interested in the artists from Tibet.

So life is very, very good right now.


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