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The Universe Has Spoken

I realized this morning that this blog will be 8 years old on May 1st. It was an odd trip down memory lane as I thought back to my plans and motivations for starting the blog in 2005. Then I started thinking about how things have evolved since then. Not just the blog, but my entire life. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined in 2005 that I would end up living in Santa Fe again. And as I was sitting here with my coffee thinking about what comes next, the following appeared in my inbox from the Daily Om...

The Road to New Beginnings

Just as new beginnings are important, so is honoring the experience of closure.

Life is a collage of beginning and endings that run together like still-wet paint. Yet before we can begin any new phase in life, we must sometimes first achieve closure to the current stage we are in. That's because many of life's experiences call for closure. Often, we cannot see the significance of an event or importance of a lesson until we have reached closure. Or, we may have completed a certain phase in life or path of learning and want to honor that ending. It is this sense of completion that frees us to open the door to new beginnings. Closure serves to tie up or sever loose ends, quiets the mind even when questions have been left unanswered, signifies the end of an experience, and acknowledges that a change has taken place.

The period of completion, rather than being just an act of finality, is also one of transition. When we seek closure, what we really want is an understanding of what has happened and an opportunity to derive what lessons we can from an experience. Without closure, there is no resolution and we are left to grieve, relive old memories to the point of frustration, or remain forever connected to people from our past. A sense of completion regarding a situation may also result when we accept that we have done our best. If you can't officially achieve closure with someone, you can create completion by participating in a closure ritual. Write a farewell letter to that person and then burn your note during a ceremony. This ritual allows you to consciously honor and appreciate what has taken place between you and release the experience so you can move forward.

Closure can help you let go of feelings of anger or uncertainty regarding your past even as you honor your experience -- whether good or bad -- as a necessary step on your life's path. Closure allows you to emotionally lay to rest issues and feelings that may be weighing down your spirit. When you create closure, you affirm that you have done what was needed, are wiser because of your experience, and are ready for whatever life wants to bring you next. - Daily Om

As I was lighting the incense and sitting down to meditate this afternoon I realized that the sadness and repressed anger I've been feeling for the past few months, and denying that I felt, are gone. Somewhere along the way I attained closure in the last area of my life that needed it. And with that closure, I know I've opened space for the next chapter of my life to begin.

So in the spirit of new beginnings, it's time for a shift in focus for this blog back to my artwork and Dakini Dreams as a business. At the moment, I haven't decided what I'll be sharing in addition to that. But I do know that it's time to stop sharing the insane ramblings of my lunatic mind. Not to worry, you'll still be able to get that on Facebook. Please feel free to "friend" me.

I'm spending the remainder of this week preparing for the Gold Mastermind Retreat in Asheville. But I'll be back on April 1st with a new needleweaving. 



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