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My Word for 2014 is "Rebirth"

I've been tethered to my laptop all weekend as I begin to wrap up 2013 and start planning for 2014. All things considered, 2013 was a productive year. I've built a solid foundation for the programs I'll be launching in 2014 and I've made huge progress in developing a consistent self-care program that includes affirmations, meditation, yoga, and massage therapy. Self-care is going to continue to be a major focus in 2014.

I have a handful of small projects that I've been dragging from month to month since the beginning of the year and the reality is, if they were important, I would have completed them long before now. So, I'm releasing any projects that aren't completed by the end of the year to open space for new opportunities. 

I'm starting 2014 with a clean slate.

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