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Wolf Moon

I ask you... Is there anything better in life than being worked over for an hour by a massage therapist? I think not! I felt like a new woman when I walked out of High Desert Healthcare and Massage on Saturday. And I had a bit of an epiphany as I was lying on the massage table. I realized that after working on my Match.com profile for the last 4 weeks... I. Just. Don't. Care. I can't even begin to envision who or what I want in a relationship right now so I've decided to channel that mental and emotional energy into my work. Maybe I need to have massages more often just to get out of my own head. And out of my own way.

I could use a change of scenery so I'm thinking about sneaking away in February and kidnapping an old friend for a long weekend in Provincetown.

As I was out and about this weekend, I stopped in at the Selby Fleetwood Gallery on Canyon Road to see if they had any new work by one of my favorite artists, Christina Chalmers. I love, love, LOVE her mixed media dresses made of kelp, driftwood, vintage silk and lace. They're absolutely haunting and make me think of lost and broken dreams. I was hoping they would have a show scheduled for her this summer but unfortunately not. I would love to meet her.

I pulled out a new skein of yarn -- shades of pinks and purples -- yesterday to start my next needleweaving and realized I don't have any pink beads. Considering how many beads I have, I was shocked. Even more shocking, I couldn't find the right shade of pink beads at any of the bead stores in Santa Fe. Fortunately BeadFest Santa Fe is coming up in mid-March so I'm putting together my shopping list. So no new needleweaving this weekend. I pulled out another skein last night -- varigated blues -- and I'm matching that one up with the beads tonight so I'll be able to start weaving tomorrow evening. I also want to get a batch of polymer clay masks baked and painted this week.

It's hard to believe January is almost over. It's been obscenely productive in spite of how the month started. And tonight's full moon is the Wolf Moon which seems oddly appropriate somehow.

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