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Cue Elvis Singing "Viva Las Vegas"

So, this was home base last week when I was in Las Vegas, NV for a tradeshow. I decided to extend my stay through the weekend and treat myself by booking a spa suite at the Monte Carlo. I'm always amazed how cheap it is to stay in Las Vegas if you know where to look for the deals. I had the tiniest of binges at Lush since I needed Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars for the jacuzzi. And trust me, the Rose Jam Bubble Bars are just a little bit of paradise. There was also a tiny little binge at Sephora. Oh, and corsets may have been purchased at Frederick's of Hollywood.

Music Man joined me for the weekend so we made the rounds of the other casinos on the strip, went to see Ka (Cirque du Soleil), and had an amazing dinner at Gallaghers at New York New York. This was Music Man's first trip to Las Vegas so I wanted him to see all the sights... the fountains, the gardens, and the Monet exhibit at the Bellagio, the gondoliers at the Venetian, the Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan, etc. I probably tried to cram too much activity into too short a period of time.

I love visiting Las Vegas every once in awhile because everything is just so over-the-top but a week is about my limit for the lights, the noise, and the crowds.

And now it's back to reality in Santa Fe.

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