Gaining Clarity and Opening Space

What a crazy month it's been so far. Have you ever had one of those months where its business as usual interspersed with random bouts of extreme weirdness that just kind of comes out of nowhere? Yeah, it's been THAT kind of month.

But, putting all of the weirdness aside, it's also been a really productive month. And you gotta love those!

Uplevel Your Business LIVE! in Atlanta at the beginning of June was absolutely incredible. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Christine Kane's programs and events are life-changing. It was three days of very intense sessions followed by late nights of strategizing, revising old plans, and putting together several new plans. I walked out of the last session finally, finally, FINALLY able to visualize how all of the disparate projects I've been working on since 2011 fit together. You have no idea what a huge gift that is. And, as always happens, with increased clarity comes new opportunities.

This past week has brought some much needed clarity around romantic relationships... how I show up in relationships... what I learned about relationships that isn't true... and what I need to release once and for all. Just as my astrologer predicted when I spoke with her in April, romantic relationships continue to be a challenge. According to Elizabeth, the energy around relationships will start to improve in September and will be strong through October 2014 before the cycle ends in February 2015. So she has recommended that I focus all of my energy on self-care and work right now. So I'm using the next few months to continue to identify and release my limiting beliefs and patterns around relationships. I'm starting to feel a shift and space opening up.

Tomorrow I'm treating myself to breakfast at the Teahouse, a ramble through the galleries on Canyon Road, a stroll through the Farmers' Market, then a trip to Ark Bookstore. Then I'm spending the afternoon in my studio finishing the newest Soul Warrior.

Om Shanti Om