What I'm Reading

"In the Fall of 1968 Daniel Odier left Europe for the green foothills of the Himalayas. Twenty-three at the time and fascinated by the Eastern mystics, he was looking for a master who could help him penetrate where texts and intellectual searching could no longer take  him. He wanted everything: the wisdom and spirituality gained from the life of an ascetic and the beauty, love, and sensuality of a life of passion. It was here that Odier discovered Shivaic Tantrism, the secret spiritual path that seeks to transcend ego and rediscover the divine by embracing the passions.

Tantrism is the only ancient philosophy to survive all historical upheavals, invasions, and influences to reach us intact by uninterrupted transmission from master to disciple, and the only one to retain the image of the Great Goddess as the ultimate source of power. Entire Tantric lineages have followed great women masters, and today numerous female yogis continue to transmit this age-old wisdom. After months of searching deep into the Himalayas, Odier met Devi, a great female yogi who would take him on a mystical journey like none he had ever imagined. At times moving him beyond the limits of sexual experience, at times threatening him with destruction, she taught him what it is to be truly alive and know the divine nature of absolute love."