Upleveling My Life. Again.

"You can start an amazing life-changing journey simply knowing what you 'don't want'. Don't wait for the 'do-wants' to show up. They may be waiting for you to clear out the 'don't wants' first. -- Christine Kane

Sometimes it feels as though my upleveling comes in bursts.

Wandering around Santa Fe Saturday morning running my errands turned into a bit of a walking meditation. Since Ark Books was my first stop, maybe it was the scent of Nag Champa incense that triggered something for me. Or maybe it was the beautiful autumn colors of the Farmers' Market. Whatever it was, by the time I arrived back home I had a list of things that I had resolved to release. And before I had an opportunity to take action, every single item on the list resolved itself. I now have the mental space and time to take advantage of several new opportunities that have presented themselves this week.

I also realized this weekend that even though my profiles are back up on Match and OKCupid, if I never find "my" person, I'm fine. I am enough. I'm not willing to settle.