Daily Affirmations

        With all of the chaos in the world & the financial markets, I find that I'm becoming more prone to anxiety attacks & my insomnia is getting worse. So, I've cut back on my exposure to the never-ending doom & gloom promoted by the media & have increased my daily meditations from 1 session to 2 sessions which seems to be helping. I'm also making a conscious effort to concentrate on the aspects of my life that I do have control over. Daily affirmations remind me that I need to concentrate on sending positive energy out into the universe on an on-going basis.

        • I release the past.

        • I have the perfect job for me.

        • I am committed to my goals & my success is assured.

        • The riches of the universe come to me effortlessly.

        • I am open & receptive to new avenues of success & prosperity.