Handbuilding at the SMFA

I seem to be schedule-impaired lately. For some odd reason, I thought class started next Wednesday so imagine my surprise when I went to the SMFA website to look for some other information & happened to notice that the handbuilding class started tonight. I would have been seriously unhappy with myself if I had missed my first class.

It's great to be back in the ceramics studio again after so many years. It's a small class... only 6 students which gives us a lot of flexibility to make adjustments to the syllabus & the schedule. Since there isn't a class in the studio before mine I can get there early & have the entire studio to myself to work for an hour.

Of all the different mediums I work with, clay is the most relaxing. Maybe because it requires less precision than the embroidery & beadwork. There's something very zen-like about working with clay. I don't quite know how to describe it.

I've started working on my masks & next week I'll be starting on the icon series. I'll also start test-firing some of the glazes that I bought.