Please Feel Free to Shun Me...

... but I'm not a Harry Potter fan.

Years ago, after spending a week on business in London & hearing what a fabulous book it was from everyone I came into contact with... & being eyed with suspicion when I admitted that I hadn't read it... I picked up a copy at Heathrow to read on the flight home. Didn't really see what all of the buzz was about. Now, in all fairness, I only read the 1st book so I have absolutely no opinion about the others.

The same experience with the movies. I saw the 1st because it was showing on my flight coming home from London. Still not hooked.

What I do find much more fascinating than the books, or the movies, is the marketing machine that surrounds them. The publishers took a completely unknown writer, turned her name into a household word, & J. K. Rowlings into a billionaire. It's been an absolutely amazing phenomenon.