What I'm Reading

"In 1801 the British have risen to power in Egypt following the defeat of Napoleon by Horatio Nelson in the Battle of the Nile. They suppress the worship of the old Egyptian gods. A cabal of magicians plan to drive the British out of Egypt by bringing the gods forward in time from an age when they were still powerful & unleashing them on London, thereby destroying the British Empire. In 1802, in a field outside London, an attempt to summon Anubis & open the gate fails, however something happens.

The story moves to the present day, where a millionaire is organizing an expedition into the past: his researchers have discovered 'gates' opening in predictable times & places, making time travel possible -- the result of the failed magical ceremony in 1802. The protagonist, Brendan Doyle, is hired as an expert on Samuel Taylor Coleridge & the first expedition is made to attend a lecture made by Coleridge in 1810. Doyle is waylaid before he can return & becomes trapped in the 19th century."