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The Tile Project: Destination, the World
22 sites + 40 countries + over 100 renown artists & 1,000 students = 1 goal: to unite the world through innovative art. Between 2004 & 2006 over 100 artists will each create 22 tiles that will be installed in 22 sites around the globe, from Berlin to New York, Sarajevo to Seoul & 18 other points throughout the world.

The Catalog
100 beautiful, international postcards, housed in an elegant box, make up this stunning catalog. Documenting TransCultural Exchange’s inspiring project for which over 100 artists united the world with tiles, this catalog can be kept intact or sent across the globe as handsome stationery.

The catalog reflects the collective goal of the 100 Tile Project artists. These artists, from over 40 countries, donated more than 2,000 tiles to 22 world sites to create 22 new, site-specific permanent art works as symbols of international goodwill. Their resulting multicultural structures now dot the world landscape from Taipei to Toronto, Boston to Bombay & 18 other sites in between.

Included in the catalog are gorgeous 6” x 6” postcard reproductions of each artist’s tile along with his or her biography, cultural notations & space for correspondence on the reverse.

Also gathered together in an accompanying pamphlet are essays by Harvard Professor Nolan Bowie, MIT Professor Alex Slocum & TransCultural Exchange’s director Mary Sherman, commenting on the project’s ideals, art’s role in our increasing global society & the importance of context in understanding a work of art.

This limited edition catalog is a tribute to an extraordinary group of artists’ efforts & their remarkable monuments of global cooperation.

To purchase a catalog ($24.95 + $5.00 for shipping), please visit The Tile Project.