Countdown to Vacation

It was a very busy day here at the Dakini Dreams atelier.

I made some headway on a surface design project that I've been working on after having switched from Setacolor fabric paints to Setasilk silk paint. There's still a lot of work needed but at least it's now moving in the right direction. I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery on Thursday of my supply order from Dharma Trading as I'm completely out of muslin except for scraps.

The Goddess meditation project is turning out to be a success if for no other reason than it's forcing me to really think about what I'm creating & to put some context behind it. I'm going to wait until the series is finished to post pictures of the pieces instead of posting daily work-in-process pics.

And I've been playing catch-up with "100 Details for 100 Days". I started a new block just to practice these embellishments on in addition to the block that I had started in Sharon's Encrusted Crazy Quilting class.

Susan Sorrell's Creative Embroidery - Organic Designs class is scheduled to begin on July 11th so for once I have all my supplies ready before the class starts.

I'm taking a week off from work next week & plan to spend the entire time in my studio. This will be the first block of time I've had off since December & I'm really looking forward to it. In preparation I've re-arranged some of my work tables, replaced some of the work lights, & cleaned yet again putting all of the supplies that I haven't been working with back into their storage bins. Now I can sit at my tables & work without knocking piles of stuff off onto the floor with my elbows.