Goddess Meditation - Day 4

Rhiannon - Goddess Knowledge Cards (Artwork by Susan Boulet & Text by Michael Babcock) Posted by Picasa

"Rhiannon is the Great Goddess as worshipped by the Welsh. She is an embodiment of life, death, & rebirth, for in her realm there is no death without regeneration. Her name derives from Rigantona, which means "great queen". A shape-shifter, she can assume any form she wants; she often appears as a white horse. She is a muse goddess & is accompanied by 3 sweetly singing birds who can revive the dead or put the living to sleep. The source of the king's power derived from Rhiannon, the queen, & a candidate for kinghood met Rhiannon dressed as a stag, a regal figure symbolic of rejuvenation, beauty, strength, & instinctual masculine energy. In alter myth she appears a Nimue or as Vivien, the Lady of the Lake. Rhiannon is a beautiful queen of the night, a reminder of the close balance between death & rebirth. She demands that we honor our instinctual & animal selves as a source of creativity, abundance, & order."