Wrapping Up the Goddess Meditations...

I've reached the end of the daily goddess meditations that I started on July 1st. Out of the 31 meditations, there are 7 recurring themes:

  • wisdom can be found in the dark places that are feared the most & one must be unafraid to enter the darkness of the underworld to solve the mysteries of life; use the knowledge gained to pursue the goals one chooses
  • there is no creation without some form of destruction; death & transformation are necessary to allow creativity to flourish
  • be independent, strong, self-sufficient, live life on one's own terms
  • find occasions to celebrate life
  • embody the source of creative power & the energy needed to rule one's life
  • honor the divine mystery & accept the challenge to look behind the mask of appearances to see things as they really are
  • accept & incorporate the light & dark side of oneself