It's Been a Very, Very, VERY Loooong Week...

... & I'm really looking forward to the weekend when I'll have some time to myself in the studio. I have a lot of projects in the works right now, as well as additional projects getting ready to kick-off within the next 30 days, so I'm definitely feeling the need to wrap some things up, make sure everything is organized, etc. before the Fall semester starts in September. Also, I really want to get back to the pieces that I'm working on for the Creative Embroidery - Organic Designs course being taught by Susan Sorrell.

In other news, I've registered for the City & Guilds Level 3 Embroidery course at the School of Stitched Textiles. I haven't found a lot of textile courses at the colleges here in the Boston area so I thought these courses would be a good complement to my SMFA coursework. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the course materials so I can see what I've gotten myself into & get started. Susan Sorrell also pointed me towards the Opus School of Textile Arts so I'll be checking out their course offerings a little later in the year. As a part of this more focused direction, I will be launching an additional blog & website this fall, "Fusion Textile Arts".

I've come across a couple of other interesting links during my online research into the textile art world this week. The first is Workshop on the Web, a quarterly online publication featuring textile artists from all over the world giving step-by-step details of textile techniques & ideas for using those techniques creatively. Techniques include machine embroidery, hand stitching, mixed media work from metals to the latest developments in plastics technology & beyond. There are also book & product reviews. Next there's the Embroiderer's Guild, the UK's leading craft association with over 25,000 members worldwide. The Guild offers a comprehensive program of exhibitions, workhops, City & Guilds courses, lectures & tours. Last but not least is the Embroiderers' Guild of America which hopefully will have a chapter here in the Boston area.

It's always nice to come home from the office & find a box from Barnes & Noble or Amazon sitting outside my door. This particular box contained "Women Who Run With the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes on CD & "Complex Cloth" by Jane Dunnewold. I've heard so much about "Complex Cloth" from other artists that I finally ordered it. It's an absolutely fabulous book that I wish I had bought when I was taking the "Imagery on Fabric" class at MassArt last fall semester. I'm planning to spend some time this weekend experimenting with some of the techniques.

Complex Cloth: A Comprehensive Guide to Surface Design - Dunnewold Posted by Picasa

"Discover textile artist Jane Dunnewold's secrets to creating visual complexity & depth in fabric. In this comprehensive guide, Jane explains her system of layering simple processes to produce intriguing surface designs. Full-color photographs of fabric, quilts, & clothing provide a sampling of her beautiful results. Experiment with fiber-reactive dyes, household bleach, fabric paints, water-based resists, photocopy transfers, foiling, silk screening, stenciling, stamping, embroidery, & beading to create your own sumptuous fabrics. Complex Cloth is a one-of-a-kind resource for a variety of surface-design techniques."

I also have a pile of magazines that I need to get through this weekend including "American Craft", "Markers XXIII", the summer issue of "Surface Design", "Surface Design Newsletter", & "Raw Vision".