Goddess Meditation - Day 22

Themis - Goddess Knowledge Cards (Artwork by Susan Boulet & Text by Michael Babcock) Posted by Picasa

"Themis is one of the oldest & most revered of the Greek goddesses. The daughter of Gaia, the earth goddess, Themis is the mother of the 3 Fates, who determine the destiny of all mortals & gods. Shown here as the giver of dreams, she once was consulted at Delphi as the bestower of oracles. Themis is prophecy incarnate: her oracles derive from her sense of order & connection to nature. In later Greek mythology, transferred to Mount Olympus, she personified the social order of law & custom, a reminder that social order is ultimately dependent on the natural order of the earth. Themis is a grounded, earthy goddess who is also comfortable moving through the shifting, mantic world of dreams. She is deep wisdom familiar with both the depths of earth & the heights of sky: a guide into soul."