Goddess Meditation - Day 16

Valkyrie - Goddess Knowledge Cards (Artwork by Susan Boulet & Text by Michael Babcock) Posted by Picasa

"The Bird Goddess is one of the most ancient goddesses, both a life-giving creator & a goddess of death & regeneration. The Valkyrie, a northern European goddess, is a representation of this goddess as death wielder. The bird guise of the Valkyrie is that of the raven, long associated with death & magic. The name Valkyrie means "chooser of the slain"; the face & form of the Valkyrie are the last thing a person sees before death. Valkyries are psychopomps who lead the soul to the afterworld. For ancient people death was part of a cyclical process leading again to rebirth; black was a positive color, a symbol of fertility & abundance. The Valkyrie represents that part of us that is unafraid of the dark places; she can lead us into & through them. She reminds us that seeds germinate in the darkness, that sometimes we need darkness in order to grow."