Goddess Meditation - Day 12

Hera - Goddess Knowledge Cards (Artwork by Susan Boulet & Text by Michael Babcock) Posted by Picasa

"Hera is an ancient goddess who, before she appeared as wife to Zeus in Greek mythology, was a powerful, matrilineal queen in her own right. Hera is the original all-powerful, multifunctional goddess responsible for every aspect of existence, a symbol of the complete woman. Among the Greeks, Hera was the goddess of marriage, a special goddess of women who accompanies each woman through every moment of her life. Her various titles point to her roles as bringer of fertility; goddess of marriage; protector of children, of women during childbirth, & of money; & presider over all aspects of public life. She was often represented with a peacock, symbolic of beauty, luxury, & immortality. The spots on its feathers reflect the starry firmament, & the peacock has knowledge of the weather, reflecting the ancient role of the goddess as bringer of the seasons. Hera is a mature, powerful goddess, combining both practicality & nurturing, a strong image of the supremacy of the queen within."