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Shadows, Fire, Snow: The Life of Tina Modotti - Albers Posted by Picasa

"Born in 1896, Tina Modotti lived one of the most brilliant lives of her era. A first-generation modernist photographer, she created internationally renowned images of extraordinary formal clarity & profound soulfulness. But Modotti's artistic achievement is only one facet of her astonishing story. A legendary beauty, spirited & sensuous, she scripted for herself a series of remarkable roles - glamorous actress, jazz age bohemian, Communist agent, & lover, colleague, & muse to photographer Edward Weston & painter Diego Rivera. Her friends included the illustrious - Frida Kahlo, Pablo Neruda, John Dos Passos, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Dorothea Lange, Sergei Eisenstein, & La Pasionaria - as well as workers, peasants, & humble people everywhere. Filled with the rich details of Modotti's turbulent interior life & of her journey through the cultural & political upheavals of the 1920s & 1930s, Shadows, Fire, Snow: The Life of Tina Modotti is a provocative adventure.