And Suddenly It's Summer Here in Boston...

We seem to have skipped Spring this year & jumped directly into Summer as it's been in the mid-90's this weekend. Yesterday was beautiful with crystal clear blue skies but today it's a different story altogether. The sky has that weird hazy look to it that tells you that you should just stay indoors because it's miserable outside. There's usually a storm headed our way when the sky looks like this. I love thunderstorms when I don't have to venture out in them.

I didn't make it up to Salem after all on Saturday. I must have stretched at some point while I was sleeping Friday night & pulled the ligaments in my ankle because it was swollen & sore when I woke up Saturday morning. As a result, it's been a quiet weekend spent mostly reading, needleweaving & doing research on the Internet while drinking copious amounts of hazelnut coffee.

Some of the ideas & themes that have been circling around in my head are starting to come together so maybe my creative block is breaking up. It was probably less a creative block than a matter of my managing to guilt myself into inertia. I have projects I know I need to work on & projects that I want to work on so as a result I wasn't feeling good about anything I was working on. Problem solved. The series of fiber collages based on the Major Arcana that I've been thinking about for quite awhile now will be the pieces that I submit for my portfolio review at the SMFA in October.

So, in the spirit of turning lemons into lemonade, maybe the dislocated ankle wasn't such a bad thing afterall. It made me slow down, really think some things through & make some decisions.