Here Comes the Sun

Wait! Could it be? Yes! It's the sun! It's been a miserably cool & damp spring in Boston so far but it's starting to look like summer is almost here. I can finally open my windows & get some fresh air (Well, fresh air when you live in the city is a relative thing.) in the loft. The sun is out, green things are growing & the seagulls have taken up residence on the roof of the abandoned warehouse across the street from me. There's something very calming about their cries when they wake me up in the morning.

Since the weather is supposed to be warm & sunny the entire weekend, I think I'll get up early tomorrow, hop on the train to Salem, & just spend the day wandering around checking out the New Age bookstores & Wiccan shops. My ankle is still a little sore & swollen from when I dislocated it last Monday so I'll just walk slowly, stop often for coffee & maybe even treat myself to an ice cream cone. Maybe some sandalwood & lotus incense, a couple of ritual candles & a new crystal while I'm there. I've been bouncing around the idea of a series of fiber collages on goddess figures so this will be a good time to do some research. I also want to see what new tarot decks are available. This would be a good time to get back to my daily tarot meditation.