The ABCs of Me...

I picked this up from Deb at Red Shoe Ramblings this morning & it looked like fun.

Accent - I've been told by a number of people that I don't really have an accent. Maybe its because I've lived so many different places that I eventually just lost it.
Booze - Yes, please! :-) Bloody Marys & Margaritas in the summer, Jack Daniels when its just been "one of those days at the office", & Irish Coffees in the winter.
Chore I Hate - I absolutely hate doing laundry so I take it out to be done.
Dog/Cat - I like both but don't have either. If I were going to have a pet it would be a Siamese cat or a pug.
Essential Electronics - Coffee maker, laptop, digital camera, iPod nano, BlackBerry & cellphone.
Favorite Perfume - Calvin Klein's Obsession & sandalwood oil are the 2 fragrances that I've been wearing for more years than I can count.
Gold/Silver - I like both but wear silver because that's what my crystals are set in & I wear those 24/7.
Hometown - I'm a child of the world.
Insomnia - Sometimes for weeks at a time depending on my stress levels. It can be extremely frustrating because I'll be so totally exhausted that I can't focus on reading or doing anything constructive but as soon as I get in bed, I'm wide awake. Eventually I just crash & burn.
Job title - Senior Marketing Manager by day, artist by night.
Kid(s) - I'm sooooo not a breeder & avoid being around them whenever possible.
Living Arrangements - Loft in a converted warehouse in the Fort Point area of Boston.
Most Admirable Trait - I can be really, really, REALLY focused.
Number of Countries Visited - Mexico, Canada, England, Belgium, Ireland so far & I'm planning a trip to Italy in 2007 & Greece in 2008.
Overnight Hospital Stays - None.
Phobias - The ocean. I must have drowned in a previous life because there's just something about deep water & not being able to see what's in it that totally creeps me out.
Quote - "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power & magic in it." - Goethe
Religion - After exploring Buddhism for a year, I've reverted back to my original religion of Wicca. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls... I'm a witch.
Siblings - 1 younger brother who is so completely & totally unlike me that I often wonder if I'm adopted.
Time You Usually Wake - I usually wake up at 5am but don't get out of bed until 6am. This is my "daydream" time.
Unusual Talent - I can be very "intuitive".
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat - Well, other than a salad once in a while, I rarely eat vegetables unless they're in chinese food. But I would definitely not, under any circumstances, eat brussel sprouts. Why would anyone eat something that smells like dirty socks?
Worst Habit - What! I'm not perfect?! I never drink water which is a bad, bad thing according to the entire world including my massage therapist.
X-rays - None.
Yummy Foods I Make - I don't cook unless you want to count microwaving bagels & leftover chinese / pizza.
Zodiac - Double Aquarius, Gemini moon.