I've Been In A Bit of A Funk Lately

Which is, I guess, one of the reasons I've been in "production mode" turning out needleweaving after needleweaving. I need to be productive without really having to concentrate on what I'm working on.

The Massachusetts Cultural Council grant application is due on December 8th but I'm not that happy with the pieces I'm submitting. None of the projects that I've started are holding my interest... the bottle collage still sits unfinished on the easel (although some work has been done on it), the canvas that I started is sitting against the wall, & my tapestry loom is gathering dust. I seem to spend a fair amount of time just wandering around my studio, coffee cup in hand.

Maybe it's the build-up to the holidays that's contributing to my melancholy... All of the unrelenting pressure to be happy & festive while battling the traffic & crowds.

Maybe I just need to take a break from everything & start putting together some plans for 2007.