What I'm Reading

"Richard Mayhew is an unassuming young businessman living in London, with a dull job & a pretty but demanding fiancee. Then one night he stumbles across a girl bleeding on the sidewalk. He stops to help her & the life he knows vanishes like smoke. Several hours later, the girl is gone too. By the following morning Richard Mayhew has been erased from his world. His bank cards no longer work, taxi drivers won't stop for him, his landlord rents his apartment out to strangers. He has become invisible, & inexplicably consigned to a London of shadows & darkness - to a city of monsters & saints, murderers & angels, that exists entirely in a subterranean labyrinth of sewer canals & abandoned subway stations. He has fallen through the cracks of reality & has landed somewhere different, somewhere that is Neverwhere. For this is the home of Door, the mysterious girl whom Richard rescued in the London Above. A personage of great power & nobility in this murky, candlelit realm, she is on a mission to discover the cause of her family's slaughter, & in doing so preserve this strange underworld kingdom from the malevolence that means to destroy it. With nowhere else to turn, Richard Mayhew must now join the Lady Door's entourage in their determined & possibly fatal quest. For the dread journey ever-downward - through bizarre anachronisms & dangerous incongruities, & into dusty corners of stalled time - is Richard's final hope, his last road back to a "real" world that is growing disturbingly less real by the minute. "