What I'm Reading

"In Carol O'Connell's novel Stone Angel, Kathleen Mallory ventures from the rugged streets of New York City to the small Louisiana town of Dayborn, where her mother was killed 17 years earlier. In that distant southern town, an angry mob stoned her mother to death. Mallory has now discovered that her mother's body has vanished & the only remaining trace is a stone angel in the cemetery. This only intensifies Mallory's desire to uncover her mother's killer & seek revenge.

The brutal murder happened when Mallory was 6. As a result, she became a thief before being rescued from the streets of New York City by a police officer who would later become her adoptive father. Returning to Dayborn like an avenging angel, Mallory soon finds herself in jail, accused of murdering an evangelist near her old house. But there is no way that Mallory will let a few metal bars stop her from executing the revenge that she has been planning for so many years.

As she pursues the truth, Mallory's determined search leads her to people who have much to warn her about & just as much to hide. Told from the point of view of Kathleen's best friend, Charles Butler, the book is rounded out with such interesting characters as the mute sculptor Henry Roth, young deputy Lilith Beaudare, & autistic Ira Wooley."