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The Cure of Souls - Phil Rickman Posted by Picasa

I used to travel to London on a regular basis for business & always made time to visit Waterstone's Piccadilly. On one of my visits I discovered the Merrily Watkins series of mysteries by Phil Rickman which I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good mystery.

Artists Journals & Sketchbooks - Lynne Perrella Posted by Picasa

I've started putting together some concepts for my final project for the "Imagery on Fabric" class that I'm taking. The overall theme is "transformation" so I'm planning to create an altered book with a celtic goddess theme. I've never created an altered book before so I thought a little research (okay, okay, like I need an excuse to buy books) would be in order. These 2 books are fabulous resources for techniques & inspiration.

Altered Art - Terry Taylor Posted by Picasa