Dream a Little Dream

I've been thinking about hopes and dreams a lot lately... things I had hoped for that manifested, the things that didn't, and the impact those manifestations had on the direction of my life. How some hopes and dreams just weren't meant for me and as hard as that realization was at the time, it really was the Universe's way of taking care of me. Looking back at my life, the journey has been like nothing I could ever have imagined. And I feel as though I've ended up exactly where I'm meant to be. Which, of course, leads me to thoughts of what comes next. What do I really want? And, most importantly, why do I want it?

When I was creating Dream a Little Dream, I pulled a tarot card at random from the deck and included it in the assemblage. The Magician speaks to the need to trust your intuition and to tap into your full potential instead of holding back, especially when there is a need for transformation. It's a reminder of the talents, capabilities, and resources that we all have at our disposal. So dreams... intuition... transformation. That sounds like the roadmap for my path forward, especially in my artwork.

And speaking of my artwork... I'm almost ashamed to admit it but I haven't done anything productive in my studio, except clean and shuffle stuff around, since September. There have been a lot of reasons for this creative "drought" that I won't go into here and I've been frighteningly productive in other areas of my life that desperately needed attention so I guess I can't be too hard on myself. But it's time to get my creative mojo back on track and I'm starting to hear the siren song of my studio calling me again.

As I start to wrap up 2014, I can feel my energy shifting and my world shifting back into balance again.