What a Difference a Year Makes

I remember standing at the window of my apartment in Santa Fe on December 31st watching the sunset and thinking 2014 had been one of the hardest years of my life. 

Last night I stood at the window of another apartment, this time in Asheville, grateful for a new life and seeing nothing but potential and new opportunities ahead of me.

2015 was about letting go of everything that wasn’t working in my life... people, alliances, projects, mindsets. It was also about letting go of possessions. When I decided to relocate, my goal was to take only the things I loved. That wasn’t always easy. But it was liberating. 

As I continue to settle in to life in Asheville, I'm letting my intuition guide me and I’m gaining clarity.

2016 marks a new direction for Gypsy Wolf Marketing as I focus on working with art galleries instead of individual artists.

It's also time for me to get back into the studio. For the foreseeable future, I’ll be creating new “Soul Ancestors” on a commission basis only as I re-focus on my weavings. 

Perhaps the gypsy winds have finally deposited me where I'm meant to be. Home.

The Gypsy Winds Are Blowing... Again

After almost 6 years, the Santa Fe chapter of my life is coming to a close and I’m moving to Asheville, NC.

I’ve been feeling the need for a change for quite a while so when I was in Asheville earlier this month for my mastermind retreats, I decided to explore the idea of living there. The first apartment complex I looked at had the perfect apartment for me and the timing was right so I made the leap. I’m moving in November.

Life in Santa Fe has been a strange journey at times and hasn’t always been easy. And there’s a lot of sadness associated with living here. Especially where relationships are concerned. But maybe the experiences of the past few years were necessary to push me to the next level. I know the personal and professional development work I’ve done since I moved here has prepared me to live my life in a much bigger way. So for that I’m grateful.

I plan to come back each July for the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe, and as needed to work with my clients.

Santa Fe is a beautiful city, and in some ways a magical place. It’s just not home.


Epiphany (2015)

Epiphany (2015)

Epiphany, an experience of sudden and striking realization that allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.

I can’t think of a more apt word to describe 2015 so far.

When 2015 started, I gave myself the first 6 months of the year to fine-tune some of the foundational pieces of Gypsy Wolf Marketing before I started accepting new clients. Since January, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to artists about their challenges and where they need help. It's been very enlightening.

Based on those conversations, I tweaked my marketing consulting programs – Art Business Spotlight, Art Business Accelerator, Marketing Kaizen, and Elite Artist – so they are more closely aligned with what artists really want and need.

I also released my new eBook. The Art Marketing Master Plan: Get Clear, Take Action is really more of a toolkit to help artists benchmark where they are in their business right now, start to create a roadmap to where they want to be in their businesses in 12 months, and see where the gaps are and where they need help.

So as I review my goals for Q1 / Q2 2015, I’m right on track with where I should be.


Because starting in July, things are really going to get crazy busy.

First there’s the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe. Once again this year I’m volunteering in the Artist Training program and as an Artist Assistant to one of my very favorite artists, Santosh Rathi.

Then I leave right after the Market for 3 very intense days of working on my business at Christine Kane’s Uplevel Your Business LIVE! retreat in Atlanta. Followed by a mastermind meeting in Asheville in August. Asheville has an extremely vibrant art scene so I’m spending some extra days during the August trip to check out the River Arts District and some of the other art galleries.

There are 3 fairly large projects on the drawing board for Gypsy Wolf Marketing starting with Art Business Kickstart: Tips and Techniques for Succeeding in the Changing Art World, the workshop I’ll be teaching at TransCultural Exchange’s 2016 Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts: Expanding Worlds. I’ll be making Art Business Kickstart available online as a free program after the conference. The other 2 projects are still in the very early stages of planning and I’ll be talking about them in a bit more detail later in the year.

I’m seriously thinking about taking the 200-hour Foundations of Ayurveda course at Kripalu at the end of the year. Ayurveda is a subject I’m feeling increasingly drawn to so it might be time to explore it in more detail.

I also really want to get back into the ceramics studio this fall, if possible, to work on some new masks. I’m feeling the need to take the Soul Ancestors to the next level. And there’s nothing like working a mound of clay to reduce stress.