The Power of Clarity

Serenity I (detail)

Serenity I (detail)

I realized this week that the longer a weaving is on the loom without me working on it, the less likely I am to finish it at all. I should just recognize this about my creative process, accept it, and move on without beating myself up over it.

I had a vision for Firebird when I started the weaving a couple of months ago but it’s slipped away now. And I just haven't been able to recapture it. So, I’m putting it aside for now. Maybe I’ll be able to circle back and finish it at some point. Or not. I’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been so focused the past few months on getting the marketing foundation, as well as the marketing / social media strategy in place for Dakini Dreams that I let my studio practice slip. So this week is all about getting back on track. I've started a new weaving and have set aside time each evening to work on it. I’m working through the modules in Lisa Call’s Finding Meaning in Your Art – Find Your Voice and honing my messaging. And, I'm working my way through the modules in the Art Career Success System as I prepare to attend Art Biz Breakthrough in Golden, CO next month. It's been a crazy year so I'm beyond excited to be attending Art Biz Breakthrough. Partly because I can really use the 3 days to focus on nothing but my art business and partly because I love that part of the country. Colorado has always felt like home. I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I had never left Denver back in the 1990s.

So, as the year winds down and the pace of life starts to slow, I'm planning for 2017 and setting my goals. And, I’m setting new intentions. For my art. For my art business. And for my life.

Clarity is a beautiful thing when you finally achieve it.

Colorado Here I Come

In 2 ½ weeks I head out to Golden, CO to attend Alyson Stanfield’s Art Biz Breakthrough and I have to admit I’m a bit like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. This is really the first thing I’ve done for myself all year so I’m turning the trip into a mini-vacation. Colorado is one of my favorite places on the planet to spend time so I’m really looking forward to getting back there. It’s been far too long. Not only am I looking forward to the trip but I’m really looking forward to the retreat also. Three entire days to focus on my art business and network with other artists who are working on their businesses is just what I need now that I have my marketing foundation in place. And the timing couldn’t be better. My corporate travel is done for 2016 and once I get back from the event, I start to burn off the vacation days that I need to use or lose before the end of the year. So that means more time to work on my own endless list of projects. And maybe, hopefully, finally, finish Firebird. She’s been on the loom far too long.

The picture is from a road trip from Santa Fe, NM to Durango, CO in October 2011. That seems like another lifetime.

Getting Social

Every artist knows it’s a challenge balancing studio time with time spent marketing your artwork. And if you have a full-time job on top of everything else, it feels like you’ll never get caught up, much less get ahead.

Since launching the new Dakini Dreams website on September 1st, I’ve been focusing on re-tooling my social media presence and posting more consistently on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By the end of September, when I was getting ready to launch my eZine, Cosmic Entanglement: The Intersection of Art & Life, I was definitely feeling the stress of being pulled in too many directions at once. Add to that a wide streak of perfectionism, a tinge of introversion, and you could almost see my anxiety level rising.

Then? I let go.

There is no perfect Facebook post. Or Instagram post. Or tweet. And even if there were, these posts have a life of about 14 minutes. All of the studies by the social media “experts” about the “perfect” time to post? They don’t really matter. It all comes down to you, your audience, and the quality of your content. So, I threw all of the “rules” out the window, leaned into my intuition, and built out a content marketing strategy and social media strategy that felt right for me.

Having the right online tools like Basecamp, Evernote, and eMail notifications keeps the chaos to a manageable level and me on schedule and on track with my monthly art marketing goals.

And now? I’ve made a fresh pot of tea and I’m off to my studio to weave. Firebird is still on the loom and it’s calling to me.

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